TV Presenter | Voice-Over Artist

Ruth Frances

Welcome to the official website for TV presenter Ruth Frances. 

Ruth has been a presenter since 2001, since then she has gained thousands of hours of live TV, pre-recorded, voiceover and events experience and worked with incredible people on fantastic projects around the world.

From red carpet interviews to cars and motoring, fashion interviews to selling beauty products on air, Ruth's varied career and adaptable presenting style make her a valuable member of any crew.

Available for television, corporate, internet, live events and voice-over.

“Ruth is the ultimate professional and approaches each job with a truly positive attitude and delivers brilliant results every time. She is always great to work with and has experience to always add great value to any project.”
PJ Bailey, BeaverHQ for BT

“We have worked with Ruth on several projects, from product reviews to corporate promo videos and celebrity interviews. No matter what the project, she has adapted and remained professional throughout and has been a pleasure to work alongside. Every time, our clients have been nothing but positive in their feedback.”
Nigel Swan, NPS Media

“Ruth's love for her work makes her a very enthusiastic addition to any crew or project, and ready to take on any challenge with a smile. She enjoys being a part of the team and making sure the whole process moves forward, and is not afraid of hard work, long hours or travel.”
Stuart Birchall, Director, You Know Ltd