As well as many varied productions such as:

Presenter for PGA Europro Golf, Matchroom Sport for Sky Sports
Presenter for Footballer's Golf Classic, Ice Screen Media for Sky Sports
Interviewer - David Ginola, Gary Pallister - Carlsberg for Euro 2012
Car reviewer for Autotrader, NPS Media for
Presenter for Paris Motor Show, Smoked Out TV
Presenter car news for MSN Cars, NPS Media for MSN
'Vehicle vixen' car expert, ETV for Nuts TV
Red carpet for Olivier Awards, Reelkandi TV
Showbiz News for Reelkandi TV
Red carpet for Empire Awards and Q Awards, NPS Media for Citroen
Interviewer for regular videos, Beaver HQ for British Telecom

Regular guest presenter for Perfect Formula for QVC UK, QVC Italy
Fashion show presenter, Tapestry Media for Fashion TV
Live heat presenter for Miss England
Presenter for fashion collection launch for Witchery, Sydney Australia
Presenter - backstage at Stereosonic, Sydney Australia
Radio presenter / DJ for Bondi FM, Sydney Australia
Interviewer for Rhythm at Work and Pukka Up, London and Ibiza
Live presenter for Jackpot 247 / Roulette Nation, Netplay for ITV1 and Sky
Live presenter for Play DJ, TwoWay TV for ITV Play
Live presenter for Playdate, Hamma and Glamma Productions for ITV2
Live presenter for Quizcall, Ostrich Media for Channel 4